Day 1 – First Cleanse Ever!


Good Evening Everyone! It’s Sunday, time to start preparing for the week ahead.  I typically plan my meals on Sundays and prep my week for workouts, social time, me-time, etc.  All of those are so important!  This Sunday is a bit different as I have decided to try my first EVER cleanse, this one is known as the 3-Day Refresh.  I also thought it would be helpful to document this next 3 days for any of you who are thinking of doing a cleanse.  Now you can see me go through it front and center. 🙂 So here it goes!

Day 1: VIDEO


Breaking Bad: How Walter White’s Motive Continues to Replay in My Head…

feel alive

I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for some time now, since the final episode of Breaking Bad was aired. I, myself, have not been a Breaking Bad fanatic like many of you but I did see several episodes including the grand finale that sparked my interest.  This post will not be about the morality of the show but rather a quote that was said by Walter White in the final episode that spoke to me on a deeper level that continues to replay in my head.

Walter White lied, broke the law and killed, all for his family {so we thought} up until the very end when he confessed his true motive. It was near the end of the episode when Walt said to his wife, Skyler…”I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really … alive.

Nothing too dramatic but yet so powerful – it’s brilliant! Not the lying, cheating, or killing of course but the mere fact that Walter White did something he liked, he was good at and something that made him feel ALIVE.

What makes you feel alive? Often times I think we go through our day to day life feeling monotonous with very little room for highs and lows. I mention lows here because I feel that you can’t get to an extraordinary high or feeling of liveliness unless you’ve struggled with a few lows. But how often do we really feel ourselves feeling alive, amazing and purposeful? If you experience this often and have found your true passion, what an amazing success!

Like many of us, I have yet to capitalize on what makes me feel alive but I can tell you one thing, I am in the process of making my passion a reality. I look at the contestants on The Voice and see the passion and excitement in their eyes as they get up there on stage and sing their hearts out. It’s so touching to me because I can see in their expression how amazing they feel. Or I experience yoga instructors who seem so at peace with life and purpose that they want to share their practice with others.

It’s an amazing feeling when you walk away from a situation or an event that leaves you feeling alive. I truly believe that we all have a purpose in life and should have the opportunity to chase our passion. If financial issues get in the way or motivation is a road block for you, get back on your horse and give it another shot. See how it makes you feel, follow your passion in your free time and see what comes of it. You never know, you may be surprised to see what it can do in your life and your overall happiness.

Follow your dreams…come alive!

Think About Your Food Today…

Mindful Eating

“Contemplating our food for a few seconds before eating, and eating in mindfulness, can bring us much happiness” Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindless eating can lead to poor food choices, often foods high in sugar and fat and allow us to become disconnected with what we are eating and how it makes us feel. If we just take time before we eat our meals and become mindful of what we are putting in our bodies we can really start to make that mind/body connection. The intent here is to slow down, enjoy the taste, digest and metabolize all those wonderful nutrients you are eating. Learning what this feels like and practicing it in your everyday life is so important.

I challenge you today, and every other day, to be mindful of the foods you are eating and how it makes you feel. Keeping a daily journal can be a very helpful exercise in making this an everyday habit.

Cheers to Mindful, Healthy Living!

Antioxidants = Pigments of Color

Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that protect and repair our cells from damage caused by free radicals. Experts believe that damage to our cells play a huge part in a number of chronic diseases, including cancer, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), arthritis, and many more. Antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables can play a major role in fighting off this damage to our cells and keeping our immune system strong.

As my journey continues through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I continue to see the incredible value that fruits and vegetables have on one’s health and wellness. To put it simply – incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet as much as you can, as often as you can – it’s a no brainer. The health benefits are irreplaceable.

Generally speaking, the more colorful the fruit or vegetable is, the more antioxidants it contains. A few of the major antioxidants are beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. Below you will find a list of specific fruits and vegetables that contain these powerful antioxidants.

Beta-carotene and other carotenoids: Apricots, asparagus, beets, broccoli, cantaloupe, carrots, corn, green peppers, kale, mangoes, turnip and collard greens, nectarines, peaches, pink grapefruit, pumpkin, squash, spinach, sweet potato, tangerines, tomatoes, and watermelon

Vitamin C: Berries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, cauliflower, grapefruit, honeydew, kale, kiwi, mangoes, nectarines, orange, papaya, red, green or yellow peppers, snow peas, sweet potato, strawberries, and tomatoes

Vitamin E: Broccoli, carrots, chard, mustard and turnip greens, mangoes, nuts, papaya, pumpkin, red peppers, spinach, and sunflower seeds