Calorie Blasting Alternatives to the Traditional Spin Class…

spinSpinning is one of my absolute favorite workouts to do. There’s nothing better than zoning out, breaking a sweat, listening to high energy tunes and burning approximately 500-600 calories in an hour — walking away from the class feeling incredibly productive and on top of the world!

Beside from the traditional spin class, there are alternatives to a more total body workout…Aqua Spin AND what they call the RealRyder.

I had the opportunity to try out a RealRyder class in Hoboken this past weekend and had a blast! The RealRyder was designed to fully engage the entire body for a functional riding experience. Having a background in biomechanical engineering, this was truly an exciting workout for me. RealRyder has developed a new kind of stationary bike incorporating biomechanical advances including three planes of motion which allows you to turn, lean and balance just like the real thing. Not only are you using your leg muscles but you are working your arms, core and balancing techniques. This is such a huge advancement to the traditional bikes.

I have yet to try out the Aqua Spin but find it very interesting. I can image trying to peddle a bike under water could be incredibly difficult and calorie blasting. Next stop, Aqua Studio in NYC!


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