Crossfit’s Dirty Little Secret


Crossfit’s Dirty Little Secret

I have many friends who do Crossfit and have seen tremendous results, which is terrific! I, myself, have even tried it several times and have felt my muscles going to work long after the workout was over – something many of us like to experience.  On the other hand, I have heard several stories within the last few years of people getting injured and/or experiencing extreme overexertion.  This being said, I found this article to be quite interesting in terms of the negative aspects of overexerting your body to the extreme. The last paragraph sums it up very nicely…

“Exercise is just about the best thing you can do for your body, but in the case of Crossfit, we’re left to ponder the question, is this workout worth the risk? Can the culture adapt to one that embraces safe training principles? Do coaches truly have the ability to detect what a proper training load is for their athletes? Only time will tell, but the future of CrossFit may depend on it.”

For me and for my body, I will be sticking with my spin, plyometrics, and zumba classes while also continuing to practice yoga. 🙂


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